To Karen BASS, U.S Congressmember

lundi, 15 juillet 2019 09:54 Mfoungo

Who made you judge over Cameroon's internal affairs? You guys should deal with the flood in Washington DC and allow Cameroon to manage its crisis. Have you ever seen Cameroonian parliamentarians in the USA for a fact finding mission? Even your U.S. Embassy Yaounde knows that you America is a proud host of Ambazonian ring leaders like Eric Tataw, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Ebenezar, John Mbah, Yannick Sicot, Boh Herbert, Chris Bongam, Patrice Nganang and many more Cameroonian immigrants resident especially in Maryland, sponsoring terrorism in Cameroon.

Those terrorist ring leaders raise funds infront of the American public and hold meetings even within the vicinity of the White House. You sell them AK47 guns which they use to kill peasant farmers in Cameroon.

The Cameroonian immigrants terrorising Cameroon from the USA, make live videos on facebook to sow terror in the hearts of our people and take away their peace. Can America swear that they have never watched a facebook live show in which Eric Tataw is instructing terrorists to chop off the hands of women and children in Cameroon? Has America never watched Tapang Ivo Tanku on facebook live, instructing terrorists to break bridges and dig up roads in Cameroon? What about the so-called Professor Patrice Nganang who is making open xenophobic declarations between tribes in Cameroon from America?

America is using naturalised Cameroonians like Patrice Nganang to fight Cameroon for reasons best known to them. America is a safe heaven for Cameroonian immigrants who are terrorising Cameroon, shutting down our schools, crippling, businesses and killing teachers plus pregnant women. America is happy to breed terrorists who have burnt down almost all our markets and public schools including some hospitals. Cameroon can NEVER grant liberty to anyone threatening the peace of America from Cameroon, that is what friendly nations should do to one another.

America is throwing stones on Cameroon and hiding its hands. If America was not hosting terrorists who are masterminding beheadings and the kidnapping of people for huge ransoms in Cameroon, ambazonian terrorism could have long been sorted out. America is the problem, you Congressmember Karen Bass left the cause of the anglophone crisis in America and was coming to Cameroon to find which facts? If you love Cameroon, why don't you directly jail the terrorists who are paying for bombs to be planted on our highways from America? I put it to you that America created and is sustaining ambazonia through its ring leaders whom the FBI has never investigated. It is on tape that the highest number of ambazonians live in America, where Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe declared their independence in 2016. You know their flag, you know their anthem, you know their names, in short you know them.

By the way, if even you Karen Bass ventures into Guzang now in the NW Region, Chris Anu will order your abduction and beheading, same way they killed D.O Namata Marcel Diteng. Do I need to remind you that Chris Anu lives in the USA and his hate and extremist messages are all over YouTube?

Ambazonia has no case!
They are using arms to force their opinion on others and make their secession claim popular around the world. If ambazonia stops kidnapping school children, harrassing parents and school authorities, schools will resume in the SW and NW regions fully this September. If ambazonia had a geniune case, they won't resort to the use of arms. They kill soldiers, behead them, chop off their body parts and confiscate for ritual purposes. But that same ambazonia is the first to cry genocide before the international community. The climax of ambazonia's stupidity is the recent abduction of Archbishop Cornelius Esua and the second abduction of Ni John Fru Ndi, leader of the renoun SDF opposition party, both resident in the North West Region of Cameroon. The ambazonian terrorists rubbed the archbishop in mud after keeping him in captivity for 24 hours, for no good reason. The man of God was coming back from a pastoral tour, that was the only crime he committed. Ambazonia is attacking God, but America still sees reason to protect its ring leaders. The ambazonian terrorists equally kidnapped the SDF Chairman, forcing him for 48hours to order the senators and parliamentarians of his party to resign. Karen Bass, you are also a politician and parliamentarian, imagine yourself in the place of Fru Ndi, tortured for ensuring your colleagues remain in parliament. Is that how things are done in America? So why protect the ambazonian terrorist ring leaders resident in America? Its been 3 whole years now that we are asking America this same question, yet none of the ambazonian terrorist has been brought to book in the USA.

Ambazonia is the most dangerous terrorist insurgency existing in the world right now. They are worse than ISIS and Boko Haram put together, I pray they soon hit America, so that you guys understand how we feel and what I am talking about here. By the way, ambazonian terrorist have started killing Americans in Cameroon. The case of the American missionary shot with a dane gun in the NW some months back, is a clean and clear example. Terrorists are beasts, they are dangerous for everyone including Americans!

When America was hit by Osama Bin Ladin, Cameroon shared their pain. Now that ambazonia is terrorising Cameroon, America prefers to protect the terrorists. How can a very dangerous terrorist group as STRONG as ambazonia, pretend to be weak, and a nation as smart as America is falling for that? Ambazonia is the problem in Cameroon, not our selfless military for Christ sake! What we expect from America is that they use their intelligence to identify and punish all those doing gofundme and varoius contributions to arm terrorists in Cameroon. America does not need to come to Cameroon to solve our internal crisis, if you love us, bring the likes of Eric Tataw, Tapang Ivo Tanku Chris Bongam, John Mbah Akuru, Ebenezar Akwanga, Chris Anu, Patrice Nganang and Co to book. They are all there before your nose in America, orchestrating terror in Cameroon, deal with them before they deal with America.


Frankline Njume

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