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The death has been announced of one of State broadcaster, CRTV’s most talented radio news presenter, Quinta-Belle Keale. She died this Monday September 13 at the Yaounde Gyneaco Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital after an operation.

Cameroon’s State broadcaster, the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV is mourning the shocking exit of one of its best radio voices, Quinta-Belle Keale.

According to reports from the broadcasting house, the journalist in her thirties died this Monday September 13 at Yaounde Gyneaco Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital after an operation. We are yet to know what took her to the operating room. She last showed up at the broadcasting house on Wednesday September 8 where she read the 5am and the 6:30am news for the last time.

Colleagues are yet to believe they will no more see nor hear the ‘Queen of the mike’ as they used to call her in reference to her lovely voice on radio. Quinta-Belle Keale was the voice of the morning news over the radio and lately the face of the midday bilingual news on TV.

Tributes from colleagues have been pouring in for the rising broadcasting star who was from the 40th batch of journalists at the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC in Yaounde. She was recruited into CRTV in 2016.

May your soul rest in peace Quinta!


Ariane Foguem

A heated debate has been on on social media platforms, especially Facebook on whether or not military men are qualified enough and supposed to give lessons to kids in the troubled regions of the country while carrying guns along.

This comes after images of an element of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, popularly known as BIR carrying a gun while giving Mathematics lectures to kids visibly less than ten-year-old went viral.

Commenting the pictures, some internet users held the view that most of the soldiers are “school drop outs” and as such cannot offer quality education to the children. Others have advanced security reasons to denounce the action, indicating that no kid is supposed to study in an unsecured environment, where the same military men teaching parade with guns all around.

“How much pedagogy do these guys master. Besides, most of them were recruited on the fact that they were successful in the physical and medical tests. You have friends or relatives in the BIR, we both know that some of them are school dropouts. So what are they teaching to the children, brutality I suppose…” An internet user drooped as comment.

“This is arrant nonsense. You cannot go parading in a class carrying a gun saying you are teaching. Teaching what? Just see those kids. Very innocent…” Another one bounced in.

Contrary to the above, others believe military men are more than fit for such a job in an environment that compels teachers to stay home. “We have medical doctors, teachers, philosophers, mechanics, engineers, lawyers, nurses, business tycoons and so many in the BIR and military. This image is super cool for not any kind of human is given a calk.” One road

“I don’t know what the poster is thinking but this is the best thing I have seen on Facebook concerning the Cameroon crisis. Respect to the BIR.” “All is see is happy kids in a classroom. Very happy to be in school. Period!” “Isn’t it good? Instead, for our children to be at home and become rebels, illiterates…this is good. I applaud the BIR” Three others added.

It should be noted that this is not the first time images of the military in Cameroon’s troubled regions offering lectures go viral. Ever since separatist fighters began using threats to keep children and teachers away from classrooms, the military has been substituting itself to ensure those who brave insecurity and get to school are educated.

Reports from the two troubled regions have it that this year, the situation is much more different as a good number of schools that had had their doors closed for the past three to five years welcomed students as some of the rebels, for the first time, have indicated the children should be spared from the close to five years conflict.


Ariane Foguem


Cameroon and Nigeria will in the months ahead hold a meeting of the Cameroon Nigeria Mixed Commission, (CNMC) to examine the outstanding issues and finalize the delineation project some 19 years after the judgment of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the boundary dispute opposing both nations.

The information was made known Thursday August 5 at the end of a four-day working mission to Abuja (Nigeria) and Yaounde (Cameroon) by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, also Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) and Chairman of the CNMC, Mahamat Annadif.

On behalf of the United Nations, Mahamat Annadif commended the work done jointly by the two countries and their renewed commitment to the peaceful resolution of their border dispute.

“The work undertaken by the Cameroon-Nigeria Joint Commission (CNMC) is exemplary. I encourage both delegations to intensify their efforts to finalize the demarcation process (of the border), which is a guarantee of sub-regional stability,”

In his capacity as Chairman of the CNMC, Annadif maintained, “demarcation must be an opportunity for a development program that takes into account the needs and improves the living conditions of the populations concerned.”

He also insisted on the need to support the populations living on both sides of the border and to consolidate confidence between them, reaffirmed the UN’s support for the two countries, and welcomed the acceptance by both delegations of the holding of a meeting of the CMCN next November to examine the outstanding issues and finalize the delineation project.

The CNMC was established in November 2002 by the UN Secretary-General at the request of Presidents Paul Biya and Olusegun Obasanjo of Cameroon and Nigeria respectively. 

It aims at facilitating the implementation of the October 10, 2002 judgment of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the Cameroon-Nigeria boundary dispute.

Its mandate covers the fields of;

  • Demarcation of the land boundary and delimitation of the maritime boundary between the two countries.
  • Withdrawal of troops and transfer of authority in the Lake Chad area, along the land boundary and in the Bakassi Peninsula.
  • Addressing the situation of populations affected by the demarcation activities.
  • Development of recommendations on confidence-building measures aiming at promoting peaceful cross-border cooperation.

To date, 2,001 kilometers of boundary have been surveyed and agreed upon by the Parties (the total boundary is believed to be approximately 2,100 kilometers long).


Ils intervenaient sur un poteau électrique hier vendredi au quartier Bessengué à Douala quand l’incident s’est produit.

Le quartier Bessengué dans la capitale économique du Cameroun, Douala a été le théâtre d’une scène peu commune le vendredi 06 aout 2021.

Deux agents de la société en charge de la distribution de l’énergie électrique au Cameroun, Eneo, engagés sur un chantier de réhabilitation du réseau de distribution à Bessengue-Douala, en début de soirée ont été ‘grillés’. Les images font d'ailleurs le tour de la toile.

Blessés aux mains et aux bras, avec des brûlures sur le torse, les électriciens ont été transportés d’urgence à l’Hôpital Général de Douala grâce aux secours mobilisés par les responsables de la société. Ils seraient sous soins intensifs.

L’on apprend également que les équipes médicales et d’exploitation d’Eneo suivent de près la gestion de la situation, en relation avec celles de l’Hôpital Général.


L’exercice qui va s’achever le 30 septembre 2021 concerne les 360 sections sur le territoire national et les 17 installées à l’étranger.

Le Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (Rdpc) refait peau neuve. Les organes de bases et les organisations spécialisées du parti, élus en 2015 seront tous renouvelés dans une opération qui démarre ce samedi 07 août et s’achève le 30 septembre.

L’opération qui vise à maintenir le Rdpc en tant que leader dans la sphère politique national est basée sur trois critères, a savoirs l’inclusion, le partage et le respect de la composante sociologique.

Une circulaire signée le 8 juillet dernier par le Président national du parti, Paul Biya souligne les structures devant encadrer l’opération, de même qu’elle fixe les modalités, définit les conditions d’éligibilité et détermine le cadre dans lequel va se dérouler la campagne électorale.

L’objectif principal de cette opération, renseigne le texte du Président national, « est de constituer des équipes de responsables locaux (pour remplacer ceux entrés en service le 5 janvier 2016, Ndlr) qui, pleinement conscients des engagements présents du Rdpc et de ses projections dans le futur, sauront lui imprimer l’élan qualitatif nécessaire à son fonctionnement optimal et à l’atteinte de ses objectifs dans les prochaines années ».

Concernant la tenue des élections dans les 360 sections sur le territoire national, quatre commissions vont travailler sous l’encadrement de la Commission centrale de supervision. Il s’agit de la Commission régionale de coordination ; la Commission départementale de contrôle ; la Commission électorale de section et la Commission locale de renouvellement.

Les élections dans les 17 sections de l’étranger quant à elles sont organisées par la Commission de renouvellement à l’étranger et se déroulent au siège de chaque organe de base concerné.

Ces élections interviennent au lendemain des opérations de validation des sommiers politiques, qui avaient permis au parti de Paul Biya de dresser la cartographie actualisée du Rdpc.

Au terme de cet exercice, ce sont donc au total 17535 membres des bureaux des 377 sections Rdpc, Ofrdpc et Ojrdpc que compte le Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais sur le territoire national (360), et à l’extérieur (17), qui œuvreront sur le terrain pour préserver les acquis et consolider la suprématie du Rdpc sur les autres partis.

Il convient de noter que la dernière opération de renouvellement date de 2015.


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