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Cameroon erects Unity Monument at Unity Boulevard

vendredi, 17 septembre 2021 16:35 Ariane Foguem

A Unity Monument depicting Cameroon’s national togetherness, standing tall at the roundabout of the entrance to the Unity Palace in Yaounde, Christened the Unity Boulevard has been unveiled to the public.

The masterpiece placed on a star with five branches whose interior points are linked together by a circle, forming a dog of 66 metre in circumference, from which emerge ten pillars, six metres high each, consolidated on the summit by a circular dog, on whose base parades ten lions painted in gold and at the centre of the dog a star in motion was inaugurated this Friday September 17 by Housing and Urban Development Minister, Celestine Ketcha Courtes on behalf of the Head of State in a ceremony highly attended by the population of Yaounde.

Strategically positioned at the entrance of the Unity palace and powered by a system animated by a waterfall with synchronised lighting, the Monument is visible from multiple angles

According to officials of the Yaounde City Council, brain behind the project, the ten lions standing on pillars are a symbol of Cameroon’s ten regions and the lone star standing tall at the middle of the Monument, a heritage of the national flag.

“This lone star is a heritage of Cameroonian national flag. The ten pillars represent the Cameroonian ten regions. You have the impression that you see ten lions, but the symbolic is that it is the same lion walking at any time in every region.” Daniel Anicet Noah, Chief of Communication at the Yaounde City Council told reporters.

                                         The Unity Monument

The fascinating architectural masterpiece was constructed within ten months with the technical expertise of a Turkish construction firm, which affirm the Monument was built with quality material, resistant to all weather conditions.

 “It was constructed with hydrocarbon fibreglass which was the only material on the market that can resist all weather conditions. It will outlive us. 100 years after, this monument will still stand up.” One of the technicians of the Turkish construction firm said.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony today, Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes said the Monument is a celebration of the country’s national unity and called on Cameroonians to rally behind the Head of State for the construction of a one and indivisible country whose unity is currently threatened by the close to five years Anglophone crisis.

        Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes inaugurates the Unity Monument

                               on behalf of the Head of State

“The city of Yaounde through this Unity Monument and the naming of the Unity Boulevard celebrates national unity, one of the founding values of our Republic. Dear Mayor, I once again congratulate you for this gift to the population of the capital city, it is a work of art that will contribute to the embellishment of this strategic place located at the entrance to the Unity Palace...It is a call to togetherness. The national community, of our sons and daughters in the Diaspora, let’s all rally behind President Paul Biya, the lion man, the man of courage…” Celestine Ketcha Courtes said.

Also present at the inauguration ceremony was the Minister of Secondary Education, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa who lauded the initiative and encouraged the Yaounde City Council to do more.

“We call it Unity Monument and all the symbols are there to dignify this Unity. The Mayor and his team did a great job. They came up with a historical, political and social masterpiece. We want him to go on and build more monuments for our capital city to be one of the best in Africa.”

The presence of the monument at the Unity Boulevard is expected to be a centre of attention and attraction that will stimulate tourism in the area.

That notwithstanding, It is worth mentioning that the erection of the Unity Monument has drawn mixed feelings. Some Cameroonians are of the opinion that it is a waste of resources at a time when the country is badly in need of it to tackle the crisis in the North West and South West regions threatening the peace of the nation.

Others said it is a beautiful representation of the country’s Republican values and its national unity that will certainly be restored.

It is the latest Monument that comes to add to the Reunification Monument in Yaounde and 50th Anniversary Monument in Buea.


Ariane Foguem

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